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Education Or Entertainment?

What We Can Do For Your Students

Click on the links provided below for visual of what to expect from us

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Ages 6+

Elementary School (Ages 6-12): For elementary school children, VR can help teach subjects such as science, math, and history in an immersive and engaging way. Games such as The Body VR can take students on a journey through the human body to learn about biology, while games such as Math World VR can make learning math more interactive and fun.

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Middle School (Ages 12-15)

In middle school, students are expanding their knowledge and exploring more complex concepts. VR games such as Tilt Brush can help students develop their creative skills and spatial reasoning, while games such as Google Earth VR can help students learn about geography and culture in a more immersive way.

google earth_edited.jpg
everest vr_edited.jpg

High School (Ages 15-18)

At the high school level, VR can help students prepare for college and beyond by providing hands-on experience with real-world scenarios. Games such as Job Simulator can simulate various jobs and help students develop skills for the workforce, while games such as Everest VR can teach students about mountaineering and geography.

Adult Education (Ages 18+)

VR can be used for continuing education for adults in various fields. For instance, medical students can use VR games such as Surgery Simulator to learn about surgical procedures, while engineers can use VR games such as VRED to simulate the design process.


We're so excited to have you here, but before we get started, we want to go over some rules to ensure everyone has fun.

Please be sure to respect the equipment. There are lot of expensive items.

There will be instructions on how to use the equipment. I will be nearby if you need any assistance.

No food or drink is aloud inside of the trailer.

Please be considerate of others who are playing. Try not to disturb them while they're playing or watching.

Please avoid roughhousing or any kind of physical activity.

There may be time limits on how long you can use the equipment, so please respect those limits and give others a chance to play as well.

Please respect our property. The virtual reality and console gaming trailer belong to us, so please don't damage or steal anything.

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun!
We want to make sure everyone has a chance to use the equipment. Please share.

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